UP Community Mosquito Control

Picture of a mosquito with a red circle and line through itFight the Bite! ~ without pesticides

UP Community Mosquito Control (CMC) is a volunteer community effort to reduce the local mosquito population without the use of pesticides.

We are one of the few existing community-based volunteer mosquito control projects joining town, citizens, scientists, and vendors. Participating and volunteering are the key elements in our program to reduce mosquito populations without resorting to harmful pesticides.

Participate by removing standing water from your yard: dump, dunk, and screen. Consider buying and deploying mosquito traps. Over 50% of town households have purchased traps. Our goal is 80% participation. Volunteer to work with us as a committee member or a block captain.

Eliminate Breeding Areas

Empty standing water from pots, gutters, drains, and yard furniture. Cover the ends of above-ground drainpipes with nylon stockings. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in places the size of a bottle cap.

Learn more about how you can prevent mosquitoes by conducting a yard cleanup.

Use Mosquito Dunks

Use mosquito dunks in birdbaths, small ponds, below ground drains or where standing water cannot be removed. Available at local hardware stores in granular form or in doughnut shapes, dunks are specifically designed to prevent larvae from hatching without endangering pets and wildlife.

Learn more about mosquito dunks and what’s in them by clicking the links below.

 About Mosquito Dunks 

From the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

From Summit Chemical

Purchase and Maintain Traps

Request a Yard Sign

To request a sign, email us at upcmosquitoc@gmail.com and we’ll deliver it to you. At the end of the season, we’ll collect and store the signs.