University Park Veterans

Honoring All Who ServeImage with the American flag and text that says with gratitude, honoring all who served

University Park remembers and honors almost 200 residents who have served our country over the last 80+ years. We have established a Veterans Memorial Park at the intersections of Wells Parkway, Clagett Road and Eversfield Drive and is dedicated to honor all who served. 

Veterans Day Observance

  • Date: November 11, 2023
  • Time: 11 a.m.
  • Location: Veterans Memorial Park (at the intersections of Wells Parkway, Clagett Road and Eversfield Drive) 

The Town welcomes you to attend a celebration in honor of our Veterans at the Veterans Memorial Park. This year's event will have speakers, and a bag-piper. If you would like to support the event as a speaker or a volunteer in any capacity, please contact Mayor Joel Biermann at

Veterans Census List

In recent years, town volunteers have worked together to build and maintain a census of University Park residents who served in the armed forces of the United States. Our thanks to Joann Fletcher who largely built the census list and to Phineas Baugher who continues to keep the list updated. 

If you know a University Park veteran or someone who is currently serving in the military who isn't listed below, please complete the University Park Veterans Census Form to be added to the list or to make corrections. Submissions will be emailed to the Town Clerk.

Remembering Their Service

We encourage you to read the names of people from our community who have served or are currently serving our country. We honor our veterans best by remembering their service. 

Note, names appear alphabetically with military branch information. A * denotes a veteran who is deceased.

Last Names A-FLast Names G-NLast Names O-Z

Abell, James -Air Force     

Baker, Michael

Banning, Robert*-Navy

Baugher, Mary-Army

Baugher, Phineas-Army

Beaver, Harvey-Army

Beckmann, Lisa

Beckmann, Matthew

Bennington, Robert

Besley, Fred*-Army

Besley, Robert-Army

Beveridge, Robert-Army

Biermann, Joel-Army

Bigelow, David-Marines

Bosma, Henry, Jr.-Navy

Bourne, John-Army

Bourne, T. Earle *-Navy

Bourne, Thomas, Jr. *-Army

Bowen, George-Air Force

Bowler, John*-Marines

Bozman, Robert-Navy

Bozman, William-Army

Bramm, Walter*

Brewer, Richard*-Navy

Brierly, Ronald*-Army

Brittain, Arthur*-Air Force

Brosch, David-Army Reserve

Broyles, George-Navy & Air Force

Burch, John, Sr.*

Burdick, William*-Army Air Corps

Burgess, Donald*-Marines

Burgess, Richard-Air Force

Burrows, Bruce*-Air Force

Bush, John-Army

Cain, James*-Army

Carey, James-Air Force

Carey, Lenford “Len”-Army

Carlton, Miller*-Air Force

Carroll, Cameron-Coast Guard

Charlton, Robert-Air Force

Clarke, Donald*-Army

Cook, James-Army

Cobey, Elwood-Army

Cogan, James-Navy

Cron, Jonathan “Jon”-Army

Crosthwait, Richard*-Air Force

David, Anna-Army

David, Gregory-Army

Dawson, Matthew-Navy

Deakins, James*

Deakins, Leonard*

Denney, Jason-Army

Donnelly, Michael-Air Force

Drake, Robert-Navy

Drechsler, Charles-Army

Drechsler Charles E.-Air Force

Dunn, William*

Eisenhauer, Russell-Air Force

Eisenhauer, William-Army

Endo, Norio *-Navy

Ermlich, James*-Army

Ermlich, William*-Army

Essex, David*-Army

Essex, Paul-Air Force & Army Reserve

Farrell, Richard A.*-Navy

Farrell, Richard T.*-Army

Ferguson, Colin-Air Force

Fields, David-Marines

Fields, Douglas*-Army

Fields, Thomas*-Marines

Fletcher, Claude*-Navy

Fletcher, James-National Air Reserve

Floyd, Lewis-Army

Floyd, Rob-Army

Fosse, David-Army

Gaither, Robert-Army

Gardner, Albert-Army

Gardner, Casey-Marines

Garrity, John*-Navy

Gekas, James-Army

Glover, III, Rolfe*-Army

Gracy Hicks, John-Navy

Granaham, Peter*-Coast Guard

Greathouse, John-Army

Hardesty, John*-Army

Harrell, Leighton*-Army

Harrison, John

Hazlehurst, Harry-Navy

Headley, Robert-Army

Hein, Shelia*-Navy

Hendershot, Gerry-Navy

Herbert, Robert- Air Nat’l Guard

Herndon, William*-Army

Hess, Gabriel-Army

Hickey, James*-Navy

Hockersmith, James-Army

Hoffman, James*-Navy

Hoffman, James

Holland, Charles

Hollingsworth, J. William* - Marines

Hollingsworth, Donald* - Coast Guard

Howard, James-Army

Hudson, Barry-Army

Jakub, Michael-Army National Guard & Navy Reserve

Jenkins, John*-Navy

Kachinske, Timothy-Army

Keefer, James, Sr.*-Air Force

Kline, Gary-Air Force

Korcak, Ron

Kraft, Ernest-Army

Kraske, Gary-Army

Krewatch, Kenneth*-Army

Lawson, Lewis.-Navy

Lazdusky, Philip*-Air Force

Lee, Eddy*-Navy Reserve

Lucas, Michael*-Army

Madsen, Arlyn-Coast Guard

Marsh, Henry*-Army

Matthews, John*-Army

Matthews, Michael H.

McClellan, George-Navy

McConnell, Harold-Army

McCormick, Clarence*-Army

McCormick, Robert A.

McGehrin, Edward-Navy

McLaughlin, Cecelia*-Army

McLaughlin, Cyril D.V.* - Army

Meyer, Amos*-Navy

Middleton, Robert*-Army

Milbourn, Jerry-Navy

Miller, James-Army Air Corps

Miller, Peter-Naval Reserve

Miller, Richard-Army

More, Andrea-Air Force

Moore, Lane Jr.-Army

Moore, Melinda-Air Force

Morris, Robert*-Navy

Murphy, Stephen*-Navy

Murray, David

Murray, George*-Navy & Army Air Corps

Murray, Michael*-Army

Murrow, Joseph*-Navy

Nagel, Casey-Air Force

Nall, Alvin, Jr.-Air Force & Air Nat’l Guard

Naylor, Allen*-Army

Naylor, Chester-Army

Neff, Peg

Ness, Bernard-Army

Ness, Bernard*-Navy

Newberry, William-Merchant Marines/Navy

Nystrom, Paul-Army

O’brien, Patrick-Navy Reserve

Ormes, Samuel-Navy

Osbourne, Torrence*-Army

Palmer, David*-Air National Guard

Palmer, Charles*-Army

Park, Robert-Air Force

Park, Robert-Army

Parker, Victor*-Navy

Pearce, William*-Army Air Force

Peterson, Matthew-Coast Guard

Pichaske, Peter-Army

Post, Edward-Air Force

Pounds, Alvin-Marines

Prange, Gordon*-Navy

Raabe, Charles-Air Force

Rhoads, Robert*-Marines & Navy

Ricker, Danny*-Army

Ricker, Philip-Army

Riley, James*-Navy

Rimmer, Harry*-Army Air Corps

Rimmer, William*-Marines

Ripley, Peter-Army

Ronchi, George*-Army Air Force

Rowe, David*-Navy

Rowe, Peter-Army

Sargies, Alexander, Jr.-Navy

Schaffer, Albert*-Navy

Schaffer, John-Army

Schejbal, Dusan-Army

Scorza, Richard-Air Force

Shank, George-Navy

Slack, Robert-Army

Smith, Clifford*-Army

Smith, Frank-Navy

Smith, Shelby-Navy

Souder, Oscar*-Army

Stark, Robert-Army

Stedehouder, Joshua*-Navy

Stefic, Edward*-Army

Stelzer, John-Navy

Stickles, Tom-Marines

Stone, Victor-Army Reserve

Sullivan, Charles-Air Force

Summer, Robert*-Navy

Summer, Walter-Army Air Force

Summer, William-Navy

Tabori, Nicholas-Coast Guard

Thomas, Dana-Army & Coast Guard

Thompson, James*-Army Air Force

Thompson, Tiegh-Army

Thrift, Russell-Army Air Force

Trozzo, Frank, Jr.*-Army

Turner, Scott*-Navy

Turonis, Shawn-Air Force

Vartan, Karen-Navy Reserve

Wachs, Tom-Air Force

Walls, Henry, Jr.-Army

Warner, Philip-Merchant Marines

Warner, Richard*-Army

Warner, William-Air Force

Wedge, Luke

Wentworth, William*

Werth, Fred-Marines

Whelton, Richard*-Army

Williams, Gary-Army

Williams, James.-Army

Willoner, Ronald-Army

Wilson, Howard*-Army

Woodward, Albert*-Army Air Force

Wright, Rebecca-Army

Veterans Serving as Town Employees

We would also like to recognize the following Town employees who have served: 

  • Sgt. Harvey Baker-Air Force
  • Sgt. Elizabeth Gilead-Marines