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  1. Battery/Electric Lawn Equipment Reimbursement Form

    Town residents are eligible for a reimbursement of up to $100 toward the purchase of any electric- or battery-powered lawn equipment... More…

  2. Helping Hands University Park Temporary Assistance Fund (TAF)

    Temporary Assistance Fund (TAF) is intended to help HHUP members who are in need of temporary services and/or financial assistance.... More…

  3. Helping Hands UP Volunteer Application

    Fill out this online application to become a volunteer with Helping Hands UP.

  1. Helping Hands Member Request for Services
  2. Helping Hands UP Member Application

    Complete this online application to become a Helping Hands UP member and receive volunteer services from fellow University Park... More…

  3. Tree Removal Form

    Per University Park’s Town Code, Chapter 16, this form shall be completed prior to removal of healthy trees from private property that... More…


  1. Veterans Census Form

    Use this form to add a veterans name and information to the University Park's Veterans Census list.


  1. Contact Us / Make a Suggestion

    Contact the Police Department if you have any ideas or suggestion to improve Police services to University Park residents.

  2. House Watch Request Form

    Fill out this online form if you are intending to be out of Town and would like to request that the Police examine the physical... More…

  3. Report Traffic Issues
  1. Home Security System Rebate Request

    Fill out this online form to apply for a $100 rebate on newly installed security systems costing more than $150 for University Park... More…

  2. Police Complaint / Commendation Form
  3. Special Needs Registration Form

    The University Park Police Department has created a registry for individuals with Autism or other disabilities in an effort to give... More…

Public Works

  1. Bulk Pickup Request

    All Bulk Pickups occur on Tuesdays. Items containing refrigerants (e.g. a/c, dehumidifier, refrigerator, freezer) require a $20... More…

  2. Field Use Permit Application

    Fill out this online form to request use of the Town Field.

  3. Shade Tree Reimbursement Request Form

    Fill out this online form to apply for reimbursement of up to $300 toward the purchase price of any tree listed in the official Town... More…

  1. Compost Program Enrollment Form

    Please submit the completed form to be added to the Town compost program. The Public Works Director, Mickey Beall will provide you... More…

  2. Resident Release for Arborist Consultation Form

    This form must be completed in addition to the Tree Removal Form

Town Clerk's Office

  1. Parking Permit and UP Sticker Request Form

    Fill out this form for residents who would like to request a parking permit or a blue and white UP sticker. Submissions will be emailed... More…