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Home Security System Rebate Request

  1. Please Note
    Your request must be approved prior to the purchase of equipment.
  2. Background Information

    The Council Committee on Police, Traffic and Public Safety and the University Park Police Department believe that home security systems are a deterrent to crime. In addition, home security systems may be helpful in solving crimes that have occurred.

    Therefore, the University Park Town Council has authorized a $100 rebate to any Town Resident who purchases and installs a new home security system costing $150 or more.

  3. Cost must exceed $150
  4. Details

    - To qualify for the rebate, requests must be approved prior to purchase of equipment.

    - Eligible reimbursements are granted on the basis of fund availability.

    - Copies of warranty card and/or Prince George’s County Alarm Registration Number plus receipt for purchased items are to be supplied following installation.

    - Any questions about this program should be directed to the Chief of Police, Town of University Park by calling 301-277-0051, ext. 300.

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