Snow & Winter Operations

Keep Streets Clear of Parked Vehicles

When there is a chance of snow, please use driveways or garages to park your vehicles. With fewer vehicles parked on Town streets, our public works crew is able to clear them of ice and snow more effectively. For safety reasons, please limit activity in the streets when public works crews are plowing.

Clear Sidewalks

Residents are requested to keep their sidewalks and front walks free of snow and ice. Please clear sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall.

Snow Event Parking

If you are unable to utilize off-street parking, please follow the recommended guidelines below:

Both Sides - No Parking

The Mews and Queens Chapel Road from 6400 to 6700 blocks (Queens - change from previous plan)

Creekside - No Parking

Wells Parkway

Odd Number Sides - No Parking

  • 40th Avenue
  • 41st Avenue
  • Beechwood Road, 3900 through 4300 blocks
  • Calverton Drive
  • Oakridge Road
  • Pineway
  • Queens Chapel Road, the 6300 block (change from previous plan)
  • Sheridan Street
  • Tennyson Road
  • Tuckerman Street
  • Underwood Street, 3900 through 4300 blocks

Even Number Side - No Parking

  • 42nd Avenue
  • 43rd Avenue
  • 44th Avenue
  • Beechwood Road, 4400 block
  • Chansory Lane
  • Clagett Road
  • Clagett-Pineway
  • College Heights Drive
  • Forest Hill Drive
  • Holly Hill Road
  • Underwood Street, 4400 block
  • Van Buren Street
  • Woodberry Street