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Tree Removal Form

  1. Background Information

    Per University Park’s Town Code, Chapter 16, this form shall be completed by the homeowner prior to removal of healthy trees from private property that measure 50 inches or more in circumference for one trunk (or equivalent basal area for all stems combined). A replacement tree shall be planted or a fee paid when such healthy trees are removed.

    Access a flowchart with complete information.

  2. Please Note:

    If the circumference of your tree (or combined circumference for multi-stemmed trees) is <50 inches, this tree removal form is NOT required.

    How to Measure:

    Measure your tree at 54” above grade.  If combined circumference is >50 inches, form submittal may be required if basal area is >199 inches.

    What is basal area?

    At 54" above grade, measure the circumference of each stem. Add all of these measurements together. This is the basal area. If the total is >199 inches, you must submit a removal form.

  3. Contact Information
  4. Are any of the species invasive?
  5. Are you removing the tree because of a permitted construction project?
  6. Upload a copy of your permit(s).

  7. Tree Condition
  8. Note:

    *Documentation is required for trees in poor health and/or trees that pose a safety hazard (i.e., maintenance or "dead-wooding" will not mitigate hazards).

    **Requirements to prune or dead-wood trees do not render a tree unhealthy.

  9. If you are removing a healthy tree, town code requires a $300 donation to support the Legacy Tree Program. Make checks payable to the Town of University Park and include "Legacy Tree Program" on the memo line. Checks may be submitted to the Town Clerk during normal operating hours, 9AM-5PM, Monday - Friday (holidays excluded). In lieu of paying this fee, homeowners may plant a replacement tree elsewhere on their property.
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