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Recent Theft from Automobiles - Be Alert

There have been several recent incidents in University Park and other local neighborhoods where suspects are checking cars doors to see if they're unlocked and then entering the vehicles and stealing whatever is of value. In one incident an unlocked vehicle was stolen after the suspect found a spare key inside the vehicle.Thieves often operate in the early morning hours under the cover of darkness, but will act in neighborhoods where residents are away during the day and leave unlocked vehicles parked on the street. Read the info below that the University Park Police Department has provided on preventing theft from automobiles and to assist you in keeping your property safe. Should you see someone checking your car door or your neighbors, call 911 immediately.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. If you have any questions please feel free to call Chief Baker at (301) 789-8475.

Tips to Preventing Theft from Auto 

Preventing theft from auto is easier than you think. It requires the vehicle owner to exercise vigilance in securing their property and their vehicle. Often vehicle owners become complacent and relaxed when they park their vehicle in front of their home for the evening.  It is important to know that residential neighborhoods are often targeted by thieves who quickly canvas the area for vehicles that are unlocked, windows down and valuables left in plain sight. As a result, vehicle owners/drivers unwittingly create an easy opportunity for thieves to commit a crime. Please don't provide that Opportunity! Remember to do the following to help prevent theft from your vehicle:  

  • Roll up your windows before parking.
  • Lock the glove compartment and truck.
  • Keep the vehicle locked when unattended.
  • Set your alarm once you park and exit the vehicle.
  • Don’t leave packages and valuables in your vehicle.  Remember to keep it safe, keep it with you.
  • Do not hide a second set of keys in your car.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running unoccupied.
  • Do not leave the vehicle title inside of your vehicle.
  • Remove your handicap placard and E-Zpasses when the vehicle is parked for the night.
  • Park your vehicle in the garage or driveway.
  • After dinner use your key fob to set your vehicle alarm again. Remember to sound the alarm to make sure it’s set!
  • A thief already has the motivation and ability to take your property – please don’t provide the Opportunity!

Remember - if you see someone trying door handles and looking into parked vehicles, call 911.

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