On August 19, 2020, a resident at 6709 40th Avenue was bitten by her neighbor’s Mastiff dog as she worked in her yard. The dog was in the back yard at 6801 40th Avenue and jumped the fence that separates the two houses. The incident was reported the next day to University Park Police, who took an animal bite complaint and quarantined the dog to the property for 10 days. The dog is prohibited from leaving the property and cannot be let outdoors without being leashed and accompanied by an adult. University Park Police notified Prince George’s Animal Control and has requested that the dog be removed from the owner. Prince George’s Animal Control is handling the follow up investigation.

We ask residents to take precautions when walking in that area. If the dog owners are seen violating the 10 day quarantine order which started on 8/20/2020, call 911.

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