2023 Town Elections

Ward Voting Schedule

Town elections this year will be on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.  On odd years, wards 2, 4, 5 and 6 vote together. On even years, the Mayor and wards 1, 3 and 7 vote together.

To learn which ward you live in, view the Town’s ward map which shows ward boundaries and property addresses.

Register to Vote

Register to vote or verify your voter registration

Run as a Candidate

To run for the offices of Mayor or Councilmember residents are required by Town Charter (Article III, Section 302):

  • To be at least 25 years of age,
  • To have resided in the Town at least 2 years prior to the election, and 
  • To be a qualified and registered voter in the Town


Contact Supervisor of Elections Chair Stephanie Herold at elections@upmd.org.

Election Documents